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Actitud, más que mirada. Gracias.
Hi, I liked your piece in Today's NY Times. I'm the editor of the tiny, barely deserving of the name newspaper, Baja News from Ensenada. We don't pay, but we publish and 8000 copies are picked up and we hope read from Rosarito to Ensenada.

I'm trying to say, you are welcome to send me anything. The policy precludes any real writing about violence and death, but the upside, about Tijuana's recovery and the streets coming back to life is wonderful and welcome.

My theory is that if visitors in Ensenada who don't read the NY times read something that says life is better in Tijuana, then they will visit and spread the word. I understand about the local residents reclaiming their city, but money coming in is still nice.

I know you're for real and we're small time, but I just thought I'd put the offer out there. You can reach me at barbara.keller3@gmail.com Thanks
Hello Federico, I don't know if you'll see this: We met in Italy in the 1960ies. Am so pleased to see that you have had such a distinguished career: I seem to remember you were studing the law, but wanted to go into writing or journalism.
Love and best wishes from Sweden and Signe Franks
("Sigi Eriksen")
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